Justice for Dairy Cows

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You may have seen or read recently through Farmwatch that a share milker has been exposed as a serious animal abuser. Hitting cows with a steel bar causing swelling on their legs and who knows what other injuries. Using clamps to force a cow to stand on her front legs when she couldn't. Using dogs on sick cows and calves. Throwing their own feces in their face when they pooed in the milk shed. And even spray painting a cow he didn't like. MPI were contacted by staff from the farm multiple times over their growing concern at the level of abuse being used but did nothing. Now the proof is out there in the form of video footage obtained by Farmwatch, MPI have no excuse not to follow up, investigate properly & take the necessary action. Anyone in the industry abusing their animals need to know MPI take these matters seriously and are going to do something about it. When cases are proven we need to see action taken as a deterrent from it happening again. If it’s not followed up & people held to account for their actions then nothing changes & it continues. Please sign this petition calling on MPI to take a look at the process they have in place and improve how these cases are handled so people are not getting away with abuse & neglect.