Back pay for the hardworking, underpaid support workers and carers. #awakeonasleepin

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Yesterday's ruling involving Mencap and the sleep in crisis has left thousands of support workers, carers and social care staff out of pocket. For many years sleep in staff were being paid under the NMW and only getting a flat rate of between £25-£30 a night, most sleep in shifts are 9hrs. The argument is that sleep in staff generally get a full 9hrs sleep when at work, anyone who does sleep in shifts knows this is utter rubbish. Most sleep in shifts can come with a 15hr shift before hand that goes into a sleep in, some staff are also expected to then do another 7.5 shift the following morning. That is a lot of hours on very little sleep if the service user is up all night.  Sleep in staff also develop '''listening ear" which means you never fully go to sleep as you have a expectation of of the supported person will need you during the night.  Many argue that's it's a good set up, easy money but we are at work, we cannot leave vulnerable people, many of us end up doing more than our contracted hours at the expense of our own families, relationships and home life. To many support staff/ carers etc, yesterday's ruling was a complete smack in the face, we already feel undervalued, underpaid (most carers/support workers get NMW) considering how skilled we are and the sheer amount of specialist training we have to do as part of our job role, deserves a pay that reflects what we do. We are not 'just carers' or 'glorified bum wipers' we are devoted, highly skilled, professional individuals who just want to be recognised and given fair pay.


Signed a exhausted, devoted, support worker, who works with adults with Autism, Learning Disability and behaviours that challenge.