Permanently Lock Cyberstalker named "Hypocrite" from MovieStarPlanet

Permanently Lock Cyberstalker named "Hypocrite" from MovieStarPlanet

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Gren Snez started this petition to Moviestarplanet

An account with the username "Hypocrite[YOU]" on the online virtual game is continuously involved in cyberstalking crimes towards a variety of players on the site. The harassment and stalking is repeated, constant and always directed towards the same users, most of whom are minors (under the age of 18).

The online game is targeted towards pre-teens and teenagers, and the site's Safeguarding Children page states the following:

We are dedicated to keep our games MovieStarPlanet, BooniePlanet, and BlockStarPlanet fun and safe for everyone, and to provide safe online gaming and social networking environments for children between the age of eight to fifteen.  

      ★ A Safe Social Networking Framework

The MovieStarPlanet Group of Games provide a safe framework for children to create positive content and engage with other children in what is probably their first online social networking experience.

At MovieStarPlanet, we do not compromise when it comes to safeguarding children. These safety measures are in place to monitor all aspects of our games: 

                ★ Advanced filtering: A 24 hour automated content analysis and data management system identifies inappropriate behaviour and alerts trained Moderators 
                ★ Self-control systems: User friendly in-game reporting system, enables children to block and report other users 
                ★ Parental engagement: Relevant information regarding online child safety is shared with parents 
                ★ Live moderation: Trained Moderators monitor the game, remove inappropriate content and respond professionally to user reports 
                ★ External cooperation: Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies, Non Governmental Organisations and statutory Child Safeguarding Agencies


If the above promises made by the site are true, they would be prepared to lock out (permanently suspend) the user's account and all other accounts associated with their IP address, and likely also contact law enforcement about this matter, since the user is committing a cyber crime that harms minors (cyberstalking.)

The user has obtained the following information, of numerous victims, through their excessive cyberstalking:

Full names (complete first and last names)
Personal social media accounts
Personal photos of victims
Personal photos of victims' family members

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