Convince Disney to Cancel Their Merger with Fox and Sell It To Panasonic.

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Disney is closing in on completing their acquisition of 20th Century Fox and it's actually a BAD thing. Sorry, Marvel fans, but your franchise cannot have too many characters. We must follow the Antitrust laws. This is a horizontal merger, which is most likely to be disapproved by the government. Oh, but it gets worse, Disney is making excuses, like they want more stuff on their streaming service, which is set to rival Netflix and everything else, to the point where Disney's titles are set to be removed from Netflix, after the merger's closed, but the biggest crime of all is that it decrease of major movie studios from six to five, and we cannot work like this. This is troubling filmmakers and theatre owners and could easily leave a large dent in the careers of future directors. Thankfully, Panasonic has plenty of room for Fox's assets and must be the conglomerate that would buy 20th Century Fox. I know, Panasonic is NNOT a movie studio (it's an electronics company), but it's the best bet we'll get. So please, help me save Hollywood and make the internet great again. I am an internet user, who hates getting barged by rumors and dumb announcements. We have to reach more than 100 supporters, in order to convince Disney executives, that what they are doing is wrong. Anyone who makes this change are movie buffs, filmmakers, fans, Panasonic employees, the government, actors and critics. If we win, then Disney will change their minds and if we lose, then we will send letters to the Justice Departments about our complaints, but they must be no threats written. It is very clear, that I care about this message, because I have concerns for the future of the industry.