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Force Mount Isa City Council to Lower Pound Fees for PHC

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Paws Hoofs and Claws (PHC), are drowning under the weight of Council adoption fees. Their valiant attempt to save animals lives is stonewalled by an uncaring council who refuses to lower their pound release fees to the charity group. Sign the petition to force Mount Isa City Council to lower their pound release fees to PHC.

 The Council charges up to $450 to adopt a dog or puppy, and $280 to adopt a kitten or cat. Their “breakdown of fees” indicates they spend “up to” $250 for desexing, $60 for microchipping and they pay “registration fees” to themselves that total $32. For those keeping count, the council is claiming they spend $342 to save a dogs life. Why then, has the cost of adopting a dog increased from $400 to $450? The council claims “day to day running” of the pound. Which, apparently our $3,500 rates do not cover.

 PHC have been operating in Mount Isa since 2009, saving hundreds of dogs and cats from death row. In spite of their extensive charity work, the council does not offer PHC a discounted pound release fee. Is Mount Isa City Council interested in performing a community service or euthanising animals? Lets take a look at the figures.

Mount Isa Mayor Joyce McCulloch admits up to 90 dogs are euthanized each month. At a cost of “up to $3500 per week in pound and veterinary services.” A representative from PHC disputes this claim as “animals regularly come out of the pound with fleas, ticks, ringworm, coccidia - some even present with parvo”. Pound fees do not include vaccinations, worming or health issues. In a particularly gut wrenching incident, a dog had her eye hanging out and did not receive vet care while in the pound.

The pound gives unregistered dogs three days to be claimed, otherwise they are euthanised or adopted. The pound is open a total of 10 hours a week. Monday to Friday from 9am-10am and 3pm-4pm. The average dog has six hours of ‘viewing’ time before they are killed. This time is scheduled during work hours. Sue from PHC visits the pound every second day to save who she can, stating that PHC is responsible for “about 90%” of pound adoptions. At $450 a life how do these numbers stack up?

In the 2016/2017 financial year PHC spent $68,952 in pound release fees and $77,6991 in vet fees, receiving a total of $77,172 in adoption fees. Let’s consider this, PHC a charity organisation shelled out nearly $70,000 to the council to save animals lives. Surely the council wants to save animals? Rather then run a pet killing service by euthanising up to and over 1000 dogs a year.

PHC frequently operates at a loss totalling thousands of dollars. It is time that the council stops its blatant money grubbing from a charity. As a community, we need to stand behind PHC and tell Mount Isa Council enough is enough. It is time to aid PHC and not inhibit its ability to save animals lives. By signing this petition, we are asking Mount Isa Mayor Joyce McCulloch to offer a subsidised adoption fee to PHC.

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