Motorola/Lenovo should be penalized, Not providing promised Software Updates & Features

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Since the Lenovo has Acquired the Motorola, They are not delivery the promises made by Motorola earlier like providing the software update support for 2 years, later they changed the timeline to one year but they are not even delivering that. Lenovo has promised that they will provide at least one major software version upgrade for every model. At the launch of Moto G5 & Moto G5 Plus they promised that the handset will receive the upcoming Android 8.0 update i.e. OREO & the phone was launched with the much hyped feature at that time i.e. 4G VoLTE. They said it will work on all the carrier when they launch that service in the future & currently works on Reliance Jio network. Now Airtel, Vodafone & even Idea too have launched the 4G Volte service is covering almost 75% of India for each carrier but there is no Motorola device mention on the carriers website capable of 4G VoLTE until now. Only the newly Launched Moto G6 & G6 Play are listed on the carriers website as a capable device to have that functionality & these newly devices too have the Android 8.0 installed from factory. Lenovo is trying to delay or not provide the updates, so that the new models sales can pick up & they even deleted the earlier post regarding the promise to provide the Oreo update on Moto G5.

This the very poor marketing Tactic that Lenovo has adopted to sell it's cheap quality products with bogus promises, loot the money from innocent customers & enjoy on the customers hard earned money. their support center is also bullshit. They are not able to provide a clear & proper answer. This shows that Lenovo is a Chinese company after all & have that mind set to only make money at any cost even it that requires cheating with customers.

So i am requesting all the users to come forward & stop this kind of tactics of Lenovo/Motorola & make them pay for cheating with customers.