Slower Traffic Keep Right

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Slowpokes in the passing [left] lane spur aggressive behaviors such as weaving in an out of lanes, tailgating, excessive speeding, honking, high-beaming, cutting off other motorists, passing on the right, driving on the shoulder and dipping in the HOV lanes. Studies from prestigious universities show that slowpokes in the passing lane are the catalysts for accidents on the roadways. They impede the flow of traffic which is a crime. What's more criminal is that they aren't factored into the equation when the DOT has to call a response team to the scene. This is a major issue.

Despite there being left lane laws in all 50 States, enforcing it has been a real challenge. Those "Slower Traffic Keep Right" signs are like accent chairs in an "off limits" living room. The signs look promising but they really don't serve a purpose, as I'm sure you've seen them sprinkled about the interstates. We know that most motorists don't utilize the lanes efficiently unless State Patrol is present, driving in the midst. Deploying enforcement units to address this issue isn't the best way to utilize our tax dollars. 

Therefore the ball is ultimately in our court. Motorists are the only ones who can fix the issue. Why? We witness the impact first-hand. The first step for change is signing this petition. In doing so, you'll let influencers such as law makers, traffic enforcement organizations, the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) know that we're taking charge. The power has been and always will be with the people. Support this movement with your signature.