'Mothercare' is sexist - it's time to rebrand as 'PARENTCARE'

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After Kleenex announced that their 'Mansize' tissues are going to be rebranded as 'Extra Large' because the old name was sexist, it is now clear that the time has come for the baby and toddler shop Mothercare to be rebranded as PARENTCARE.

I don't know about other Dads out there, but every time I set foot in one of their stores I feel more than a little uncomfortable - yet my money is as good as anyone else's.

This is just example of a situation in modern parenthood where fathers are made to feel like second-class citizens, and it's time for a positive change.

It is no secret that the retailer has fallen upon hard times in recent years, with store closures all over the United Kingdom, and so I feel that this 2019-compatible rebranding will allow them to bounce back and thrive once again.

The big question here - Are you prepared to take a chance and set an example in this ever-changing, female-centric world?

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Simon - Man Behaving Dadly