Allow mini pigs to remain at home in Walton

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i live in Huron county and own 2 mini pigs. One is a rescue and one I have had since a baby. I moved from Woodstock to a small town put in the country. I checked with Huron county to make sure my pigs were allowed. I was not aware that they are against the township bylaws. I have been living in the remote town for nine months and have not had any problems. 

One day the wind knocked down my fence and my pigs got out. I was able to find them and bring home safely.  Animal control came and informed me that they are banned and need to be disposed of immediately. I was heart broken. 

I have obtained letters of support from my neighbors to keep my piggies. I live on the town line and it’s so stupid but across the stree, they have cows and chickens etc. In fact so many people have chickens and other animals. 

My piggies are clean and live inside my home with me. They are like my house cats lol  

i live in a tiny rural town with less than 20 houses. I live with farm land to the back of my house. Please help me to keep my babies in their home! Please help! Gerty and Oscar thank you :)