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No child should suffer what Samuel did

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Jun 3, 2017 — Imagine you are new to a neighborhood, and therefore new to your LDS Ward. In your effort to make a new life, you introduce yourself to a couple of boys down the street playing street hockey. Your parents inform you it is time for Scouts, and suggest you bring your new friends. They accept your invitation. Upon your arrival to Scouts at the church you are immediately mocked with, “What, these are your friends?”

What you didn't know at the time is that one of your guests was being called 'Faggot' by boys from your new Ward, and therefore you didn't understand why he became terrified and hid behind you upon your arrival. You didn't know he was suicidal as a direct result of being bullied by these boys. You didn't know that you were going to become their next target for being associated with this new friend.

You immediately start being hazed and called 'Faggot'. You are in an environment very hostile to anything 'Gay', spurned on by old Boyd K Packer talks, political actions and pronouncements to the world by your church. You become toxic to associate with because of the taunts that you are a 'Faggot'.

You didn't change schools with your recent move because you go to a Charter school, but somehow you suddenly are now being called 'Faggot' at school too. Boys from your Ward attend your school, but not the neighbors you just met down the street. You ponder how this could be happening to you. You pray that the problem will go away, but it doesn't. It results in you losing your faith in God which leads you to say, “What has God done for me?” You had always defended God before your abuse started.

You hope that your problem will fade in time, but it doesn't. Even your friends from school are now taunting you by calling you a 'Faggot', which is getting spread on the internet too. You try to tell your parents that there is a problem, but are too embarrassed to tell them that everyone is calling you 'Faggot'. Instead you only mention that they are making you do all the assignments at church while other boys in your Quorum do nothing. Your parents ask you what is wrong on several occasions. You remain too embarrassed to tell them, but they still ignore your requests to stop going to church. Your dad tells you that parenting is a slow process of letting go, where you gradually make more decisions for yourself, and your parents make less. He tells you that you can start choosing for yourself to go to church at 15 years old.

You are 14 years old, and with the deep anguish caused by those bullying you, you can feel your mental health fading. 15 years old is not coming fast enough. You search on the internet for ways to help yourself, exploring ways to boost your Serotonin levels, but nothing is helping. You know the neighbor you brought to Scouts with you is suicidal, and you start to ponder that as the solution for yourself.

The isolation and aggression that came with being called 'Faggot' over the last couple of months has caused a deep depression to come upon you. In your great despair you write, “I can hold on no longer” as you make the final decision to end your own life. As you pull the trigger, a part of you hopes you will live. You have become the next victim of suicide directly caused by bullying.

This is the true story of Samuel Aaron Bresee 1/22/2000 to 6/9/2014

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