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Pascoe Vale pool is under threat of closure by Moreland City Council.

This petition invites you to object to the pool’s closure, and instead recommend investing much-needed money into a redevelopment to make Pascoe Vale pool the public community amenity it should be; one which the residents and rate payers of Pascoe Vale deserve to have.


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Why we object to the closure of the Pascoe Vale pool

Over the past 10 years, Pascoe Vale has seen a huge population growth due to the number of townhouses that replaced single dwelling houses on one block, giving rise to the moniker “Townhouse City”. The local schools are bursting at the seams to accommodate the large numbers of families that now call Pascoe Vale home.

During this time of rapid growth and development, the council is looking to demolish this much-needed public amenity, and repurpose the pool’s land.

As Oak Park pool receives a huge, expensive redevelopment, it's likely residents of Pascoe Vale will be told to use that pool. However, like the Coburg outdoor pool, Oak Park pool is not well serviced by public transport, making it difficult to get to without a car. Walking 45-odd minutes on a hot day with kids on tow would be difficult at the best of times.

Last summer, we did travel to Oak Park pool to try somewhere different, and waited nearly 20 minutes in the queue to battle for space with the rest of the crowds at this facility. Given this, the possible permanent closure of the Pascoe Vale pool will put an impossible strain on the nearby facilities, which they are hardly equipped to cope with even after they receive their redevelopment and upgrade.

The costs associated with operating the outdoor pools are no doubt high, and given the state of disrepair the Pascoe Vale pool is in, the cost of renovating this facility will be great. However, I’d argue that if money had been spent on the long-neglected pool to maintain it over the years, it would not have deteriorated to the extent it has. In its current state, it’s hardly a desirable or inviting facility, and with its unpredictable operating hours, it’s almost as if the council is setting this pool up to fail.

With the new neighbourhood house being built next door to the pool, it is the perfect opportunity to redevelop the pool site into something similar to Brunswick Baths that has an indoor and outdoor heated pool (so it can host school swimming carnivals and all year-round swimming lessons), a gym, group fitness class room and child care facilities for parents to make the most of the complex. A family friendly facility like this to suit the whole community is just want we need. There’s ample space on this site to accommodate a complex like this, that would service the growing community for years to come (especially if the council returns the boundary fence line to its original position, so the spot that was previously used for shelter can be used again).

The growing number of families in this suburb would benefit greatly from having a local facility like this. Moreland promotes itself as Active Moreland, please stand by this and help Pascoe Vale stay relevant and active within its own suburb. It really is time for the council to think more about Pascoe Vale and spend some money to make the suburb great again.

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