More targeted budget & programs for EU Transport

More targeted budget & programs for EU Transport

20 February 2018
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Transport coalition (More EU budget for Transport)
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MORE EU Budget for Transport: The best investment plan for Europe:

·        Europe needs transport:

Transport helps people move, keeps business and trade up and running, enables the completion of the internal market, enhances tourism and bridges the gap between the different regions of Europe. Imagine a life without transport… If transport stops, the economy stops.

·        20 million Europeans work in transport:

1 in 10 Europeans work in the transport sector. On its own, completing the TEN-T network will create 10 million extra-jobs by 2030. Better transport infrastructure is also an investment in long term growth and jobs. Investing 750 billion euro can generate 4,551 billion additional GDP. Every billion invested in the core network will create close to 20,000 new jobs.

·        Invest in better transport:

Europe faces enormous challenges to remain a competitive, mobile and attractive place to live and invest in for the years to come. Moving towards a greener, truly integrated, digital, accessible-to-all, safer, more secure transport system which is socially sustainable requires investment and funding now!

·        Decarbonisation of the transport is the only way forward:

The decarbonisation targets can only be met if all transport modes continue to invest in greener technologies and in a more efficient and smart logistic chain.

·        Europe’s transport investment plan:

The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) as defined in 2013 sets the right priorities in terms of sustainability, cohesion and can contribute in facing the current transport challenges. This plan comes with a corresponding investment programme, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The core network must be completed by 2030, which requires more than 750 billion euro.

·        Grants essential to complete network:

Transport projects with a high societal return do not generate the necessary return on investment. Grants thus remain a vital component. After three years, the current CEF Transport budget has been fully used. Demand for CEF funds exceed on average 2.5 times the available resources. The completion of the core network is at risk due to insufficient budget.

·        A stronger Connecting Europe Facility (CEF):

CEF support is the best guarantee to deliver EU high added value. A strong CEF with responsible grant management is essential to complete the Trans-European Networks (TEN-T).


Efficient, seamless, green, automated and cross-border transport networks support economic growth, employment, decarbonisation, "smart" logistics and complete the Internal market.THAT IS WHY MORE EU BUDGET FOR TRANSPORT IS THE BEST INVESTMENT PLAN FOR EUROPE!



Petition Closed

This petition had 580 supporters

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