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Make Glenn Harvey Drum For Moose Blood Again

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Glenn Harvey was removed from Moose Blood for sending unsolicited pictures of his penis to a girl in December of 2015. The issue was resolved between him and a friend of the girl in December of 2015. Glenn apologized for the unsolicited photos and never sent content of this type to this girl again. Issue solved, right? WRONG. This issue was brought back in March of 2017 by an outstanding Social Justice Warrior. This person not only took an issue that was resolved over a year ago and brought it back, they also destroyed Glenn's career, made him out to be a pedophile, and a sexual predator. Were his actions right? No, of course not. However, this isn't something that should ruin his music career. He is not a predator, and a mistake such as this does not define your entire life and worth as a person or human being. While I understand that this was a business decision more than anything, I and many others agree that Glenn should not be booted from the band. Sign this petition and get him back in Moose Blood where he belongs. 

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