Important! Free Parking! Not metered for New and Existing areas, Essendon & Moonee Ponds areas

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The Moonee Valley City Council has passed a proposal to implement paid parking metres in and around Essendon and Moonee Ponds. This includes newly created curbed areas which means highly anticipated and awaited Railway areas and streets like Eddie Street & Penny Lane. Also in existing kerbside areas formerly without including areas like Mt Alexander Road along the entire length of Queens Park, The Boulevard in and around the Boathouse Cafe areas, Mathews Av Nth Keilor Road and various other streets that will discourage people from social activities, supporting local businesses as well Public transport re train station areas. Local side streets and suburban areas will be used by people in an effort to avoid paid areas cluttering and disturbing locals in the suggested areas. The Chief Executive officer will be able to fix rates, change or implement where they see fit. History shows once approved and implemented the flood gates open for future areas and a monster will develop deterring people from coming to their favorite areas. Standing up against this needs to happen now from residents and all who value the Essendon & Moonee Ponds areas and rally together and have a voice. I love taking the kids to Queens Park, The Maribyrnong River and I'm sure many of you have areas you need a park that will be affected not only with the current proposed locations but if pushed through will broaden and in time will find parking in these areas will cost you and local businesses. Stand up and have your say now and stop this ridiculous proposal before its too late.