Publish Losurdo's book "Stalin: A History and Critique of a Black Legend" in English!

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In 2008, Italian professor Domenico Losurdo has his book, Stalin: A History and Critique of a Black Legend published. From the original Italian, it has since then been published in French, Spanish, and German. Ten years after the fact, there is still no plans by any leftist publisher to publish an English language version of this book.

Why is this? A lot of it stems from the almost universal condemnation of Joseph Stalin amongst the left in the Anglo-world. However, it has been long overdue to set the record straight on Stalin's legacy, especially in this section of the Western world, where outright lies and myths fabricated about Stalin are spoken as fact.

This is a slap in the face to the leader of the former Soviet Union who led the Red Army in the heroic efforts to beat back the fascist Nazi menace all the way back to Berlin and thus preventing Hitler's plans to colonise Eastern Europe and to further exterminate all those the Nazis deemed 'untermensch'.

There is absolutely no reason or excuse to not have such an important work about Joseph Stalin unavailable in English, especially when well-known left-wing publisher, Verso Books, has already published two of Professor Losurdo's books: War and Revolution and Liberalism: A Counter-History.

To this end, we urge Monthly Review Press to:

Publish Losurdo's biography of Stalin.

In the event of it being published in English, it should be supplemented with an introduction by Professor Losurdo himself.

It must be reasonably priced.

Such a biography should be made offered at an accessible price to ensure that it can reach the hands and computers of the masses.

This petition originally had urged Verso Books to publish this work, however, they are against it. However, I would like to extend this appeal to LeftWord Books, based in New Delhi, India, and City Lights Books, based in San Francisco, USA.