Montana FWP: "More Research Needed on the Yellowstone River fish-kills"

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Montana Fly Fishing Magazine will be presenting this petition and a formal proposal to FWP to fund a Yellowstone Bryozoan-Mapping Project, slated for July 2018.

The goal of this project, conducted by Dr. Timothy Wood of Bryo Technologies, a 30-year expert in PKD and bryozoans, is to discover what caused the Yellowstone River fish-kill which occurred during 2016 through 2017.

By bringing in his team of experts in the field of bryozoology, these scientists will perform an in depth bryozoan-mapping of the entire river system, over a two week period - from Gardiner to Livingston. This should reveal 'hot spots' and potentially pinpoint the unnatural nutrient load which is causing the bryozoans to bloom, releasing the spores, resulting in Prolific Kidney Disease.

The results of this research will then be freely shared online on an existing website designed and devoted to the cause

The scientific information gathered from this unique research will help fisheries biologists, river managers, students, and fishermen, better understand what occurred on the Yellowstone River during 2016-2017. The website will become the go-to-source for factual information on bryozoans and PKD in the event this occurs again on the Yellowstone or elsewhere.

Your support is appreciated in this unprecedented scientific endeavor!