Create Mountain Bike Trails at Montage Mountain, Pennsylvania

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This petition is for Montage Mountain to expand their terrain to include lift access mountain bike trails. Not only would Montage benefit from the huge number or riders both local and far who would utilize the trails but it would greatly benefit our community. As a NEPA local I was surprised to see the number of riders from around the tri-state area who travel to enjoy the slopes of Montage. I have no doubt that the addition of downhill mountain biking will attract just as many (if not more!) outdoor enthusiasts to the mountain. 

The mountain is a mountain biker's paradise. With every chair lift I cannot help but see the numerous natural features, abundant lumber, and perfect mix of steeps and tech that Montage has to offer. I have been skiing and snowboarding Montage since I was a child. The mountain has come so far from when I first began visiting and they continue to grow. Expanding into the mountain biking scene would provide economic benefit for both Montage but the community as a whole. Bike shops would have more business, local restaurants would be feeding hungry riders, and young people would be encouraged to spend their summers riding. It is a positive feedback loop which would push more and more riders to start pedaling. 

Similar regions to ours have enjoyed great success by embracing their local mountain biking scene. Bentonville, Arkansas is quickly becoming one of the best mountain biking destinations in the country. Their success is tied to embracing the sport and investing in their trails. Here's a Youtube video going over their achievements and success:

Please sign this petition to show Montage that the community has their support in expanding to the mountain biking scene!