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Gimme back real Vegemite - not this new recipe (non)Vegemite stuff

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This new recipe (non)Vegemite stuff tastes bitter - and has an awful aftertaste


Children may be getting in trouble because their more sensitive tastebuds are preventing them from eating their Vegemite toast all of a sudden


People with allergies who cannot eat wheat based products may not realise that Mondelez (Kraft) now added yeast extract from yeast grown on barley AND WHEAT


On the phone the Mondelez (Kraft) lady is saying that nobody will be able to taste any difference due to the change


In an email response Mondelez (Kraft) said "there has been no change to the formulation" - even though the ingredient list on their labelling has and their staff on the phone confirmed it.


Frankly, as a more than 50 year Vegemite-toast-in-the-morning veteran, I just want my Vegemite back! Hopefully there are enough of you out there who feel the same.

Maybe together we can make them change back to the real Vegemite?

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