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We demand the resignation of Councillor Seamus Treanor from his post as Town Councillor.

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As noted by the Northern Standard ; "Independent member of Monaghan Co. Council Seamus Treanor, who is known for his forthright comments on immigration issues, this week launched a tirade against Muslim people entering Ireland, claiming that 98% of them did not want to work."

“Apparently they all want to come here but show absolutely no respect for our laws or culture," is another rancid comment from Cllr. Treanor (this comment was registered in last week's Northern Standard).

This petition is demanding the resignation of Councillor Treanor from his post. This petition has been initiated by a group of concerned residents of Monaghan who view Treanor's comments as repulsive, unacceptable and dangerous. Cllr. Treanor has a history of expressing far-right politics, notably of a racist and Islamophobic character. Cllr. Treanor's comments are nothing short of hatemongering and lies. We feel that local opposition to Cllr. Treanor's position as a Councillor is the appropriate response. Racist speech oftentimes preludes further racist manifestations in society, and there is a real danger in allowing this man to go unchallenged in his current platform, as he uses it as a mouthpiece for hate speech.

Please sign and share. Please also consider emailing Cllr. Treanor directly demanding his resignation. Lastly, we need to mount pressure on all sitting Councillors in Monaghan and TDs in Monaghan to demand his resignation. Please consider contacting your local TD and/or Councillor to ensure that pressure is mounted. Thanks for reading and thanks for signing.    

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