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DO NOT Change the EULA

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Mojang recently published an enforced version of their current EULA, stating that you MAY NOT use MC to gain money, this includes gold-farming, pay-for-download skins, mods, worlds etc., and pay-for-perks systems on servers. The You-May-Not-Make-Money-Off-Mods, Texture Packs, Skins etc., has been around a long time, but the server part, has not.

This is a dumb idea, 99% of MC servers, have some form of donate-for-perks system, as well as the fact, that many skin, world, mod, texture/resource pack designers, have a pay-to-use system.


Mojang, will only kill Minecraft, by doing this. No major server, would find it worthwhile to have a server run completely on donations without perks, most, would not even be able to break even.


And for skin/texture pack/world/mod designers? They stand about as much chance as a one-legged person walking barefoot through hell.


The most important thing about MineCraft, is the community, almost no one plays single player worlds, just for the fun of it. And Mojang, is trying to kill the community.


A war against the community, is fought by the community, hence, the 6000000000000 complaints against the EULA change.

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