Malaysians to help reduce Trillion Dollar National Debt

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We the Citizens of Malaysia,

Would like to petition the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in Malaysia, to setup an official bank account and disclose the specified bank account details, to allow all Malaysians to collectively and voluntarily contribute individually, to help Malaysia reduce its National Debt, with figures being disclosed at over RM1.0873 Trillion.

This way, we ordinary Malaysians can contribute back towards our beloved country Malaysia, in our own small way, and together we can tackle this pressing issue at hand.   

The immediate aim of this petition would result in the following:

1) Creation of a Bank Account by MoF for fund collection purpose

2) Disclosure of Bank Account details by MoF

3) Hopefully we collect enough funds to bring the debt to a level of below RM999 billion within this current fiscal year.

Why do we need to do this? Because Regular Malaysians also want to contribute and help reduce the National Debt.

Together Malaysians can help make Malaysia great again!

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