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Stop the Welcome to Moe's Madness!

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Moes Southwest Grill has great food that I enjoy quite often. However, I've had just about enough (and I'm certain everyone else has, too) of the annoying employee policy that requires all staff to literally yell upon entering, "WELCOME TO MOES"!

My wife and I cringe as we walk in the door to hear every employee yell out in different tones, "WELCOME TO MOES!" The employees are occupied helping other customers and don't even have the time to see who walks in the door. They hear the door, and simply yell out as if it's a reflex. You then move into the line to explain to each employee what you want in your burrito, taco, joey or whatever to then hear more yelling, but now even closer, right in your face. You then move into the dining area to sit down to enjoy your lunch to quickly realize the madness continues... "WELCOME TO MOES" yelling over and over. I can't even carry on a conversation without getting interrupted and distracted. I observe and note that I'm not the only one annoyed by this negative experience. I also wonder how many employees would better like their job if they didn't have to perform these acts of insanity. I wonder if the employees suffer "post traumatic moes yelling" when their personal friends and family visit them at their own homes and receive a yelling welcome greeting.

I know I do not stand alone on this. If one were to perform a google search on "welcome to moes annoying" , you would see over 70,000 hits on that keyword alone.

Please stand with me and help stop the Moes Madness! For the love of a peacefull burrito, taco, joey or whatever! Thank you!

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