Allow for NUS Lecture Clashes

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Student often face the problem of lecture time clashes when bidding for their modules. Some of these lectures do offer webcast and it does allow students to watch these lectures online. 

Most lecturers would not waive timetable clash due to a clash in lecture timing. They would explain that the webcast is not meant for students to skip physical lecture, but rather as a last resort. 

Common reason provided by lecturers:

“I do not agree on having registered on modules that are clashing.”
“We have received quite a few requests for XXXX lecture clash waivers. To be fair to all students, lecture clash waivers for XXXX will not be approved unless if this is your last year or semester at NUS and this is your last chance to take XXXX. Otherwise, please take XXXX during a subsequent semester.”

Why is it unfair to other students? What if it is allowed all students? What will be problem? What is the root problem here? There has to be a better reason. 

However, lecturers fail to:

  1. Understand different learning style of students 
  2. Cater for those wants to take responsibility of their own academic planning and take up another module that might have a lecture time clash (this assumes that the student is aware of the timetable clash and has already carefully planned out his/her schedule to cater for this). 


  1. We hope for a change in the NUS policy to allow for time clashes
  2. If not, a better reason for student not being allowed to do so, other than: (a) It being unfair to other students, (b) It being a common practice