Let Us Back in School (MNPS Students)

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We are MNPS students and we need schools to open! By January 7, 2021, middle and high schools will have been closed for 302 days. Many students are giving up due to the emotional toll of isolation, and many are unable to succeed because of technology issues, unstable home lives, or family situations like needing to care for younger siblings. This is why 1 in 3 students in MNPS are considered truant, and many others are failing. For some, the consequences will be life-long.

Scientific data has shown that schools are not a major contributing factor to community spread, and the CDC has stated that officials need to prioritize getting 
K-12 students back into in-person schools and that it can be done safely. The older students in MNPS have endured the delays, extracurricular cancellations, and the disappointment of a return date that has completely vanished. We did what we were asked to do. Now we're asking MNPS to do the right thing and let in-person learning resume for those who need and want it.

We realize some students will choose to continue virtual learning, and we support that choice. But we know many students who desperately need schools to re-open, and we feel we should stand up for all students to have that opportunity. If you are an MNPS student who believes that every kid deserves the right to succeed in school, we need you to join your voice with ours. We are looking for student signatures to get MNPS students back in school as soon as possible.