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MWave returning unfairly taken votes from MAMA 2017 competition

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The 2017 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) has been unfair, and we want to change it.

A currently ongoing controversy related to "illegal voting/ballot voting" occurred and included artists such as BTS (band), GOT7, Girls' Generation, and more. Mnet has yet to release an official statement as to why certain numbers of artists votes were invalidated or in which ways invalidation occurred (as of November 6, 2017 KST). The company did state that illegal votes would be "nullified", IP addresses blocked, and the relevant accounts deleted. Mnet determined the "ballot rigging" with a 4 hour server takedown and check-up. They removed the "fake" votes during that time, but what the interesting thing is, is that some groups had their votes being INCREASED, not DECREASED. An interesting fact is also the fact that some of the categories had less votes gotten decreased, than the others, but that does not make sence, since you have to vote in every category. So, it's either one of these two scenario:

1. Mnet removed partially votes from a specific "suspicious" voter

2. Mnet removed votes from a specific group (random voter's), so that some groups would not win.

If it is the first scenario, then Mnet has failed it's system. Why? They removed partial votes, what means, that they removed the votes only from the groups that they didn't want to win. The system would work, when they remove ALL the votes from that specific "suspicious" voter, but they didn't do so.                                                        If it is the second scenario, then it shows that they also don't want a specific artist to win.

I am also a voter in MAMA 2017. Mnet removed my fair votes, I did not use VPN, bots, hacks or anything like that. So, to me it seems that they most likely did the second scenario.

If this petition reaches the amount of voters it needs, then Mnet needs to give back ALL the votes that they removed from the 2017 MAMA online voting. 

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