Replace the “Reduced Conflict” Intersection at Highway 65 and Viking Blvd with a Bridge.

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The new “Reduced Conflict” Intersection (RCI) at Highway 65 and Viking Blvd is completely unsafe. There have been two fatalities at this intersection since the completion of the RCI less than a year ago. The first fatality in October 2019 was pronounced “not due to the new intersection”. There were no cameras at that intersection at the time of the accident. It is completely possible that someone did a U-Turn in front of the 20 year old man, causing him to apply the breaks and lose control of the car. I’ve seen similar scenarios in that intersection multiple times. The second fatality on July 22nd, 2020 is still under investigation. The entire design is confusing and there are many blind spots when turning onto 65 from Viking. People get impatient waiting to do a U-turn and cut people off. A bridge would eliminate traffic crossing through 65 by allowing traffic to cross over the highway. It would also fix the issue of people doing a U-turn in front of oncoming traffic by allowing people to merge onto 65 from Viking via an on ramp. The RCI is a death trap and we need a bridge to replace it to ensure driver safety.