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MOMOLAND is a kpop group that became popular with their song "Bboom Bboom" in January 2018 which made them gained more fans and supporters. 

As an appreciation,their entertainment company MLD Entertainment (formerly known as Dublekick Company) decided to make an official facebook group wherein fans can share everything about MOMOLAND and now that group has already have more than 200k members.

But as the number of people that are entering that said facebook group are getting bigger and counting,some of its members are unfortunately toxic. Some of them are posting unnecessary and disgusting posts about MOMOLAND (including some posts that are not related) and also it became an open platform to spread hate which MOMOLAND doesn't deserve at all and the moderator of that group doesn't do anything about it.

As a Merry,I appreciate the aim of creating that facebook group for all the fans. Yet it's a good idea but it became a big mistake and that's because no one is doing their job to lessen or avoid any unnecessary thing. Yet that facebook group have its rules but these toxic people are not aware with it and violating it.

The aim of this petition is to call out the attention of MLD Entertainment to take an action with the MOMOLAND Official Facebook Group. I think the best action that they will make and the only way is to delete that said group. It's really disgusting that everytime you will visit the group,you will see things that everyone especially MOMOLAND should not see. The deletion of that facebook group is for the better. I hope that MLD Entertainment listen this time.

And to the Merries out there,I encourage all of you to sign this petition. I know not all of you will do it and I will not force you,I will respect it. Have a great day ahead!

- a concerned MMLD fan