Stop Card. Wuerl from attending Youth Rally and Mass for Life, January 18, 2019

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Cardinal Wuerl is scheduled to attend the upcoming Youth Rally and Mass for Life (YRML) on January 18, 2019, at the Capital One Arena (f/k/a The Verizon Center) in Washington, DC.

The goal of this Petition is to stop Cardinal Wuerl from attending YRML 2019! The Petition will be submitted to the Organizers (Department of Life Issues, Archdiocese of Washington (ADW)) to emphasize that Cardinal Wuerl should not attend and should not participate in any way, shape, or form and to convey that it is inappropriate and wrong for him to address and/or to be in the presence of young people and seminarians!

Contrary to Cardinal Wuerl's interview at the 136th Knight of Columbus Supreme Convention last year, the Church is in a "massive crisis". The victims of clerical abuse and their families have undergone (and continue to undergo) a massive crisis in their lives! Every time Cardinal Wuerl is visible and/or present, the Church inflicts additional wounds on the victims and their families.

. . . And the young participants at the YRML? They are the same age (post-pubescent and seminarians) as the majority that have been abused! What is the Roman Catholic Church telling them by honoring Cardinal Wuerl (with allegations against him of mishandling and covering up criminal sexual abuse cases while bishop of Pittsburgh; whose name was removed from a high school in Pittsburgh, which had been named for him; who, admittedly, lost the support of most of his priests; who, in shame, did not attend the Family Synod last year; whose Deacon will not serve him at St. Matthews in DC; who, in shame, again asked the Pope to accept his resignation; who, the Holy Father admitted in finally accepting the resignation, made mistakes; etc.) with attendance?

How does the continued presence and visibility of Cardinal Wuerl instill confidence in young people (and seminarians) in the Church? How does the Church credibly tell young people that it takes abuse seriously and respects them, when Cardinal Wuerl, a prominent figure in this recent (and ongoing) massive crisis, processes into their Rally – a sacred space for young people? Have they not been scandalized and violated enough?

We prayerfully urge and beseech the Organizers at ADW to reconsider its invitation to Cardinal Wuerl (or any other embroiled cleric or layperson)! If he was not invited but plans to attend of his own volition, then we beg the Organizers to speak with him (or whomever makes these decisions) and ask him (or them), in the name of all that is Good and Holy, to not attend!

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