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Save our pensions!! Without teachers, then there would be no politicians and/or other.

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SAVE OUR PENSION:  Governor Matt Bevin's proposed petition change will impact my retirement negatively and take money away from my family. Teachers are already the most under paid profession when compared to other professions. We, including myself, did not go into this profession for the money. We wanted to make a difference in a child's life. We wanted to give them the much needed skills needed to be able to work and to support their families in their daily lives and work force. In addition, these students will one day have to be able to support their families and pay their own bills.

This proposed petition is wanting to take all sick days accumulated away from teachers. In addition, teachers will not be able to cash in their days at the end of retirement. Also, they would not receive one monetary check for those accumulated days. This money acquired by cashing in their remaining sick days could be invested and/or cover a much needed repair, new roof for their house, and/or other need or want.

Secondly, without teachers, then there would not be a President, Senator, legislator, doctor, lawyer, dentist, policeman, teacher, custodian, restaurant worker, mailman, MLB player, NBA player, and many other professions. With that said, this petiton would make MANY teachers want to seek early retirement NOW. If more than expected retire then schools will go under because they won't  have enough teachers teaching the number of students enrolled in their school. A teacher shortage will have "dramatic" effects on our students' academics and overall well being of each. We have to protect what is rightfully ours because we have very few perks to our job. I want to be able cash in my sick days at the end of my retirement for a percentage of the number sick days acquired when I retire.

Furthermore, the best perk for a teacher is being a role model, cheerleader. motivator, behavior specialist, counselor, and/or other need we deal with on a daily basis from our "awesome" students.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND TAKE THE STANCE TO SAVE OUR PENSION!!!!

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