Stop the Deaths @ The Offsets

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We need someone, other than Madison County local government, to investigate The Offsets @ Mine LaMotte and all the accidents and deaths that have happened there.

How many of our young adults have to perish at this privately owned business before something is done?!? 

Our family lost a very important young man (Michael Mattingly) on 9/1/07 due to negligence of this property owner. Had he closed to give time to investigate, Nick Krus would NOT have lost his life the following day - 2 deaths in 1 weekend! Another young man and Father in 2015 and now 2 MORE in 9 days! When will enough be enough?!? 

The owner believes that his signs that say "Jump and Swim at your own risk" and the waiver he makes you sign, relinquish him from all responsibility. When will this madness end! 

Contact State Representative Rick Francis and demand that something be done to stop the madness of The Offsets! 

Rick Francis.

Or Call 573-751-5912