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It’s time for Joplin to grow. And I need your help.

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It’s time for Joplin to grow. And I need your help.

When I say grow, I mean a few very specific things: bringing in jobs, raising wages, and steady growth for the people of Joplin.

But for us to do this, the city council and state officials need to know we, as a city, are interested. We have it all here:

  • Affordable land
  • A ready workforce
  • A great location for country-wide transportation and shipping

How can we tell them? With your signature. And your voice.

When we get 1,000 signatures, I’m going to meet with our local city councillors. When we hit 5,000 signatures, I’ll get in my truck and drive to the state capitol to tell our state representatives personally that Joplin is ready to grow. If we get 37,000 signatures, I’ll eat my boot.

Join us by signing this petition and calling on your City Councilmen, Senators, and Representatives to make Joplin grow.

We are looking to all levels of government to promote a culture of service amongst their staff, and to recognize that every government employee works for the people - encouraging them to promote growth and shepherd customers through processes rather than complicate them.

We want all levels of government to look for ways to reallocate spending to focus on infrastructure projects that support job creation.

Your name moves us one step closer to a greater Joplin. Sign this petition.

We won’t send you any spam. No bull. You’ll only hear from us when it matters with updates on our goals.

Thank you for your time.

Jimmer Pinjuv

Head of Wildwood Ranch

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