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In the past, Mirvish Productions have offered ASL Interpreted Performances to the Deaf Community. This is not the reality to us anymore. 

Recently, some members of the Deaf Community requested for interpretation at some of the shows - their response? Silence for some. For others, they said they are not responsible to provide ASL interpretation for their shows, saying that their adherence to the AODA is minimal, saying us to bring in our friends to interpret the shows. This is not acceptable at all. Especially when smaller theatre companies are making endeavours to bring more accessibility to the Deaf Community. 

Canada is changing with the ACA (Accessible Canadians Act) and recognition of sign languages as the official languages of the Deaf People of Canada. It's time for big-name companies to adhere and to set examples. 

Access to public, big-name, theatre productions should be made available for the Deaf Community through sign language interpretation.