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Help save the life of my loving pitbull Blu Blu

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Blu is 4 now but about 2 years ago she was labeled Potentially Dangerous. She ran off and up to a guy with his dog. He picked up his dog then Blu started to jump and bark playfully but wasn't biting. His belly got scratched from her jumping and barking He must have used his arm/elbow to push my dogs face away when his arm was "bit". He said he was ok and I took my dog home... Then he later noticed that he did get hurt so he went to the hospital and got vaccines standard procedure if they don't know if the dog had shots. Her case was dropped with the court system after her being good for over a year so why are they trying to euthanize her? Yes it happened a second time but the first time she didn't attack the guy he just shoved his arm in her face trying to get my dog away from his.

Now this time it wasn't me walking her. In fact that morning I had an argument with my roommate I didn't want him to take my dog on a walk then i finally gave in and said the only way I'll let you walk her is with the Collar and Harness on at the same time so she can't slip out of either of them. He took both my Blu and his puppy for a walk while I was in the shower and this time my dog attacked and hurt both an older gentleman and hurt his hand and small dog.

But now I have to lose my companion Blu who I love as if she was my own child. I take her with me everywhere. My dad watches her whenever I leave the house. She plays great with our puppy everyday. I would bring her to the Coon Rapids Dam every week where she had lots of social interaction. Shes great with kids and all humans. I've kept her away from smaller animals after the first incident but now they are taking away my baby Blu Blu over someone else's actions when he shouldn't of been walking my dog in the first place. .. I'm just not ready to lose my Blu but I will make changes and keep her under house arrest muzzle shock collar extra training anything I need to do I'll pay the fees I can bring Blu home.

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