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Stop all the industries from exploiting ground water resources and make them use sea water

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I wish our children to live in the future as our ancestors and we have lived.

UNICEF has warned that by 2050,1 out of every 4 children die due to shortage of water.

Every citizen of this country is going to be affected be it anybody if we don't act now.

Its every parent's responsibility to give their children a very good future,but do you think its just only money,education,assets etc.?What if our children in future suffer without water?Do we want our children to suffer and struggle to live?

Do you know 148000 litres of water is required to manufacture a car.For the production of one piece of A4-paper 10 litres of water is used,To produce one ton of steel 237000 litres of water is used and cool drink companies drain lakhs of fresh water to produce their products.Every product produced in the world require plenty of water.

Let me come straight to the point.Why can't these industries and companies desalinate the sea water,use it for their production and spare our fresh water resources.While India moving towards water scarcity is it really mandatory that these organisations use our fresh water?

My dear fellow citizens,water is necessity rest all are luxury. Of course we need luxury but not at the cost of our necessity. Please sign this petition if you feel this needs to be changed and make these industries use sea water by desalinating it.

Wild animals already started moving more towards humans inhabitants in search of water and food;soon human will start moving in search of water if this prevails.

Thank you for your support,

Vinod Kumar.


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