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As deeply concerned and proud citizens of the Sunshine Coast it truly saddens and angers us that Gospel Rock (46.64 acres) could be destroyed and/or altered all in the name of the bottom line. To allow any land developer to devastate this consecrated land when they know not of our treasured place and its meaning to us, the communities directly affected and to those who come to visit, is beyond disheartening. The devastation the proposed development will have on the wildlife, land, water, and the surrounding communities is immeasurable. And must be stopped!

The developer of this area has submitted a proposal to the Town of Gibsons asking for development of the Gospel Rock area; specifically Block 7.  The developer wants to create a complete commercial village that could include a pub and/or restaurant, an Inn and shopping.  Never has a project of this size been approved by the municipality.  All the rural residential areas where children play, animals and creatures live, people farm and treasured parkland will be devastated with the impact of a high density village.  Many people will take a tremendous loss to their way of life.

The increased activity and pollution from the plan will only be felt by the area communities. Further, all of the damage will be at the cost to the residents of Area E and Block 7 and NOT the Town of Gibsons. Furthermore, the Town of Gibsons will receive a tax benefit from this development NOT Area E.

We do NOT support the existing plan or proposal!

This is NOT acceptable!  Please do not let this happen and sign the petition to SAVE GOSPEL ROCK!