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NEED Facilities for Drivers at Hotels/Resorts

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We all travel to getaway places to enjoy our holidays. We sleep in comfortable Hotel rooms. Eat world class food. Enjoy the stay. Have we ever thought of the Car/Van/Bus drivers who safely drove us to this comfortable and enjoyable places? How many of us cared of our driver's (be it a own car or rental car) have a place to sleep, have any blankets for the night, had dinner?

We are so busy making Hotel bookings for our family with Valley View, Free Breakfast, Star Rating etc. but we often forget to check if there is a place for our driver to stay and eat?

Mostly we all go to colder weather places. When was the last time we inquired whether the Hotel provides a Dorm, Blankets, Hot water for our drivers?

In my last trip, I checked each Hotel for Driver facilities and guess what? Nope. None of the Hotel provides any kind of basic facilities for the Drivers even when I am ready to pay. Not even a Blanket. No toilet facilities. No hot water. No food. No Room/Dormitory. Even if they provide, it is like a dog cage.

Booking a separate room for Driver is an option but how many people will spend couple of thousand for Drivers? Most of the Hotels are booked tightly for the season. Not a practical solution.

Every Driver have to bring their own blanket. They have to use road side as toilets. They have to sleep in the car. (Imagine a six foot driver sleeping all night in a 4 foot car seat in a Hot/cold weather. Driver's lack of sleep is an invitation to lot horrible accidents)

This needs to be stopped.

Along with you all I request our Ministry of Tourism to take initiative to make Driver's Stay (Room or Dormitory), Good Food, Clean Toilets, Blankets for a moderate cost so that people who care will pay and get it for their Drivers.

Our Ministry of Tourism should pass a law to mandate each Hotels/Resorts/Homestays to have a Drivers Facilities for a nominal/affordable cost.

Its high time to treat everyone as Human Being. Not like "Drivers"

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