Enforce law on Zebra Markings to prevent loss of lives

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The way motorists disregard zebra markings on our high street is unacceptable. The authorities must enforce the rule of the markings. What is the essence of the markings when we dont enforce the rules that govern them. There has been the cause of pedestrian knock downs in our country. There have been several knock downs especially infront of Ghana Broadcasting corporation because there are no Traffic Lights. So we ask ourselves, must that be the case? In as much as GBC is being emphasised, there are other places facing this problem, cars knocking down and killing pedestrians due to disregard of these markings. Is it that the MTTD is not enforcing the regulations associated with these markings?, Is it that the education is so low that drivers do not know about the use and importance of the zebra markings which is why it has caused the neglect? Or perhaps there are no sanctions imposed on drivers who violate the regulations of these markings? This has even made foreigners emulate this barbaric act. In other countries, where you find these same markings, drivers do well not to violate the regulations because they could be fined or even be in cells. Funny enough we always say we are trying our best to meet the global standard. My emphasis is on the education aspect of it where people who are in charge of our traffic and road management should educate drivers more on it and if necessary sanction drivers who disregard road markings even though Drivers go to various driving schools and they are somewhat taken through the road signs, they further go for a test drive at the Driver and Vehicle licencing Authouriry. If we do care about our lives and especially the lives of kids whose schools dont have security to stop cars for them to cross let's put pressure on those responsible for the enforcement of the law. Other countries even Some African are doing it why cant we do same..#Save Our people especially our mothers, fathers and Kids#