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Online process for car road tax refund when shifting from one state to other

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I had purchased a car in Bangalore, Karnataka and paid a Life Time Road Tax (tenure for Life Time is 15 years). After staying in Bangalore for 4 years, I relocated to another state.

There I paid another Life Time Road Tax, gave up the Karnataka car registration and got a new registration plate of the new state.

Even though, I have a personal / private car, I had to pay two road taxes.

I had decided that I would not be paying bribe to get my road tax refund, because it is my hard earned money.

I had applied for the road tax refund from Bangalore RTO, which I got after almost two years. I had filled 3 RTI's, 2 First Appeals, 1 Second Appeal, lot of phone calls to Bangalore RTO (since I was in another state), SMS and text conversations with the Bangalore RTO office, documents from the new RTO office required by the Bangalore RTO and become a mediator in between the two RTO's.

My appeal to the Road Tax Ministry is that, we being nationals of same country, why can't we take our car / scooter to any part of this country. Why we need to pay a new road tax if we are migrating to a new state. And if this is the standard process, then there should be a standard way like transferring of PF accounts online, so that we do not get harassed by the RTO officials of both the states.

I have know couple of people, who have given up to take their road tax refund and the respective RTO offices are just not doing anything.

I request you all to kindly provide your support for this cause, and let us create awareness and help our people to get a easy migration option for the future.


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