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Prohibition of Transgender in Trains: For Demanding money From Passengers

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I am a law student and while I was journey by the train from north to south India than in middle of journey I interacted  with some of the Transgenders of who were taking money from the passengers of the not only of the general class passengers but also from the passengers of the sleeper class and if anyone denied to paid for them they acted rudely or even they also used unusual forces i.e., slapping anyone.

Its a scenario which I had seen with my naked eyes during journey by the train named Mangla-Laxwdeep Express (train no 12617/12618) while passing from Madhya Pradesh some the transgenders after departure of  the train from the junction came into the sleeper class coaches and started to demand money but one of my co-passenger nearly about 17 years of age denied with stating that he had no money than without knowing or listening him one of the transgender gave him a slap on his face with abusing words which may not be tolerable by the respected  person in the society but due to having no any of his companion he born  that slap without expressing anything and when I asked them to reason for slapping than they replied jointly me that if you would not close your mouth than same could be done with you.

But even having 70 or above passengers in that coach no one has courage to face them due their misbehaving acts or abuses to passengers. They established such kind of monopoly there and even after collecting the money they had left the train before stopping at the related junction by jumping outside when the train was slow.

Is it fair with the passengers who already suffers a lot during journey in the general classes or sleeper classes. From where they shall pay to the transgenders if they are able to pay them than they could be in I'st class coaches not in these. 

So, i request to concerned ministry or the department to take an action against such activities which the passengers are facing continuously  in present time also. because in present most of them are not really a transgenders this fact known to me personally by one of the transgender while as my co- passenger in the same coach . such an action should be taken against them :

  • Direct the police personnel of railway to avoid them to enter in the train without ticket.
  • Impose such amount of the fine upon them 
  • In each coach there shall be a police men to look after that activities
  • If any of the concerned police person of railway shall deprive from his duty than he shall be punished or fined.
  • Punishment for the transgenders if they indulge in this activity

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