Stray dogs and people serving them should be strictly protected by law against any harm

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Dear fellow animal lovers,

We live in a society where we have become increasingly aware of our socio-economical well being, which is definitely a growth for us. However, at the same time our apathy towards stray animals (mostly dogs) has remained same. It is true that serving stray animals takes a lot of things, namely money, time, energy and it is understandable if every citizen of this country does not want to invest so much. But there are many who do it on a daily basis. Here comes the problem, many self proclaimed animal lovers create several problems when the people who are genuinely working for welfare of these animals, going upto the extent of blaming the helpless animals of biting when it is clearly understood that they can not defend themselves. Yes when the animals are beaten or threatened their first instinct is to scare the predator or bite them in order to protect themselves, but isn't it the same with humans? I have personally found quite a few times that many stray dogs have been wrongly accused. In that case these helpless animals must be protected by correct implementation of the law of the land.

Unlike humans these poor animals can't even beg. All they can do is expect that we the superior ones help them. There are laws in place but they are hardly ever implemented. Hence the offenders have absolutely no respect and fear for the law. I urge the Ministry of Law, Govt of India; Ms Maneka Gandhi to kindly make sure that the stray animals and people who are doing their bit for the welfare of these helpless souls are well protected through correct implementation of the law of the land that exists on paper for offenders. I urge all the animal lovers across the country to spread the word so that Govt of India takes some decisive action to save the stray animals to live a life free of people's hatred for simply existing on earth.

Thank you ��