Stop Hiring in 15 Days and 90 Days Notice Period - Labour Law Attention Required

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Below modifications are to be made mandatory for Private companies under Labour Law :

1. Notice Period and Hiring Offers

There is a new and bad trend in which employees are hired to join in 15 days where as maximum companies have 90,75 or 60 Days of notice period hence there is an issue to switch jobs for growth and opportunity which also results in not getting good resource,

This also forces an employee to resign,serve notice period and try to find job without having any offers in hand, Which at times troubles the individual for not paying Home Loan EMI's,Legal issues or could also forces individuals for attempting suicide if he/doesnt gets offer on time

Solution : It should be made mandatory for companies to fix days of notice period and Hiring days as per Band Level in the company which will result into fair hiring days offer and Notice period days (Hiring days and Notice period should be same)

Source to check - Any Job Portal like, can be used to verify these details where Job offers says ''Apply if you could join in 15,20 or 30 Days for the high level band employees" Also Notice period of the employees could be seen 60,75,90 or more than that 

2.  Working Hours

Most of the Indian Private companies have 9,10,11 or 12 hours of working schedule excluding travel time which is almost 1 hour one side

Which leads to Stress, Anxiety, Cardiovascular diseases and depression, Many employees cannot concentrate on work due to long hours of work, Below link also provides the details of the survey related to health and long hours of work

Solution : It should be made mandatory for employees to work 8,8.5 or 9 hours of work for 5 days a week and also work from home to be part for employees in Private Companies as it will save the time to travel, which also

Results in less traffic on road, Less accidents on road, Less health issues to employees and family life balance to employees

3.Shift Allowance

There is a difference of shift allowance in all companies who charge good amount to the client but gives peanuts to employees, It should be strictly notified to the Private companies to give

Good amount as a shift allowance to the employees coming in shifts, Main concern is for the night shift employees who risk their health for work but gets a very less amount as a shift allowance.

Solution: Labour law should do a research and fix a good amount of allowance for night shift and other shifts for all companies

4. Lay Off’s or Termination

This was already been in news where certain companies lay off employees in bulk without giving time to them for searching a job,

Job security is a matter to everyone as they are the bread winners for their family

Solution : Labour Ministry to come up with a plan to safeguard jobs and provide strict warnings to those companies who are terminating employees in a day, week or 15 days


There has been a trend in companies now that every employee has to work for an entire month to earn a 1 or 1.5 day leave so an employee could not take a long leave if required for a family emergency,

If he/she takes then there is a loss of pay which directly impacts his/her family

Solution : Labour law should enforce to all the private companies to a lot 24 days a leaves a year and if he/she joins in the middle should be getting 2 leaves per month as a total leave in his/her account

6. Work From Home

Work from home culture is almost everywhere in the world which results in work and family life balance

Advantages : Eco Friendly, Less traffic, Less Accidents,  Less Pollution, Less health issues, Travelling time could be used for family, Less electricity, Infrastructure, AC, Internet bills for private companies

Solution : Labour Law should encourage private companies to offer work from home to employees and make India as the best country to work in

Job Satisfaction is the issue across the industry, Many companies have employee friendly policy but it is the BOSS who violates the policies being work pressure on him/he too !!

As soon As i get 50,000 signs i will draft this to Ministry of Labour & Employment to have a discussion on this with us or modify it as per research !!