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Release the Filmmakers Arrested “for Collaborating with BBC Persian”

Many artists, filmmakers and journalists are facing government oppression in Iran, and often face torture and death. Some of the oppressed filmmakers, like Jafar Panahi are famous and have the attention of Hollywood elite and major film festivals like Cannes petitioning for their freedom. Others like the six documentary filmmakers recently arrested for "for collaborating with BBC Persian”, are not famous and therefore face greater risk of being ignored.

One of these filmmakers, Cine Foundation International's friend Katayoun Shahabi is being held in notorious Evin Prison, Section 209.

"Section 209 of Evin Prison in Iran is run by the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic and except for the ministry agents no other government bodies have any control over the prison affairs.
During the last years many of Iran political prisoners have died in this Section under torture and many others kept in it have ended up being executed by firing squads or hanged.
Those currently held at the Section include political dissidents, human rights activists, students, trade union officials and workers, as well as many other Iranians from all walks of life."

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