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Petition against proposed Star Plus Serial Aarambh based on fictitious Aryan-Dravidian War

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Dear Sir

I would like to draw your attention towards a new television series that is going to start from 24th June, 2017 in Star Plus channel. The name of the series is Aarambh. From what one can gauge by having a look at the promos/trailer, this series is based on some fictitious Aryan-Dravidian war that, according to the trailer narratives, happened thousands of years back. The link of the promotional trailer in Youtube is A Times of India article on the upcoming serial also vindicate the same, since it mentions about civilizational clash between Aryans and Dravidians as the theme of the television series Aarambh. link of the article is given here.  (

So far as historical facts are concerned, there has never been any such conflict which pitted Aryans against the Dravidians. Even the Aryan Dravidian identification based on racial differences is highly contested, controversial and devoid of any historical evidence or facts.

 It has time and again been proved in many researches that the Aryan-Dravidian narrative was a British construct to create rift and animosity between people of Northern India and Southern India. The Aryan invasion theory too was propped by the West, especially the Germans  to take credit of the Indian heritage and by the British to create rift within the Indian society to facilitate their stranglehold on the country.

I am putting up the following evidence to defend my stand. I am ready to put forward more evidence later, in case required.

·        1) Rajiv Malhotra’s iconic book titled “Breaking India : Western Interventions in Dravidian & Dalit Faultlines”  ( Amaryllis, 2011)  proves in details  how the false narrative was created based on dubious presumptions but with nefarious objectives.


·        2)  The paper titled “The Myth of Aryan Invasions of India” by Dr Madan Lal Goel, Professor Emiretus of Political Science, University of West Florida, also exposes the myth.



·        3) David Frawley’s book titled ‘Myth of Aryan Invasion of India’ also exposes the false narrative. His talk on the same can be seen here in this youtube video


·       4)  Dr Subramanian Swamy’s speech during the launch of Mr Rajiv Malhotra’s book. The link is given here.


·       5)  A research article by Al Chavda titled, ‘Aryan Invasion Myth : how 21st Century Science Debunks 19th Century Indology.’


·       6)  ‘Closing the Chapter on the Aryan Problem’ by  Navaratna Rajaram




There are many such evidences which can be given to prove that no such invasion or war ever took place and that for millions of years people of India have lived like a republic federal structure with numerous kingdoms and common religious beliefs.


To make television series based on the nefarious and fictitious narrative, already in doubt, is a dangerous move which can have serious ramifications for national integrity.  There are vested interests who have been attempting to mobilise people based on the fictitious Aryan – Dravidian to trigger conflicts within the country.  This television series, may or may not, have any nefarious objective, but the airing of such a series based on false or unproven history would have serious negative impact on the upcoming generations on whom such audio-visual imprint of Aryan-Dravidian would create an indelible mark.


Additionally, there is no historical evidence that any Aryan invasions took place ever in history. Most of the false narratives have tried to prove such invasions took place around 1500 BC. But if Bhagwad Gita was written around 5000 years back in 3000 BC, and Lord Krishna’s holy city of Dwarka has been found beneath the sea off the coast of Gujarat, then that is enough to prove such bogus theories of Aryan invasions around 1500 BC wrong. Further, in Sanskrit Arya means an honourable man. It has nothing to do with race.

 The proposed serial is attempting to show Aryans as invaders attempting to invade a Dravidian empire. There were numerous powerful and successful empires in South India but none went by the name of Dravidian Empire. The successful kingdoms of South and Central India were ruled by Pandyan dynasty, Chola Empire, Chera Dynasty, Satavahana Dynasty, Pallava Dynasty, Kakatiyas, Vijaynagar Empire, Rashtrakuta Empire, Hoysala Empire, Musunuri Nayaks and many more but none was defined as a Dravidian Empire as the television series is trying to project, and which was invaded by so called Aryans. Likewise none of the iconic empires of Northern India or Central India was ever called an Aryan Empire either.

There have been many wars in ancient India but not a single war was between Dravidians and Aryans since such racially divided kingdoms never existed.. The producers of the television series should be asked to prove the happening of such an incident in ancient India before they are allowed to go ahead with the airing of the series.

If this television series is allowed to be screened then it might not just give ammunition to those who have been propagating such fake divides but would also create a new trend for more such fictitious television series which would be aimed at creating more rifts between South India and North India.

Sir, we live in tumultuous times. While freedom of expression and literary liberty are all fine, anything which even remotely aims at pitting South India in the name of Dravid land against North India as Aryan land should be nipped at the bud.

I request you to kindly initiate steps to prevent the airing of this television series and ask the broadcasting organisation i.e. Star Plus, as to what kind of evidence they have in place to prove there was ever an Aryan Dravidian war. If they fail to provide concrete & undisputed evidence, the airing of the serial should be stopped. Or else, they should be asked to not use the words Aryan and Dravidian in the program. Unless it is proven beyond doubt that an Aryan-Dravidian divide existed and wars took place between them, no such series based on such imaginary narratives should be allowed to be screened in India.


In the greater interest of National Unity


Yours Sincerely

Pathikrit Payne

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