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Recently launched PMRF scheme for doctoral research excludes MSc students who get admission into IITs through JAM ( Joint Admission Test) exam for a two year course.

The qualifying degree for PMRF (i.e., four year undergraduate or five year integrated M.Tech or five year integrated M.Sc. or five year undergraduate-postgraduate dual degree program in a Science and Technology stream) does not include two year MSc courses conducted by almost all IITs.

A lot of students opt for PhD after passing two year MSc course from IITs. Many of them are able to get admission into PhD program conducted by  various reputed international universities after passing MSc . At the same time, many students don't opt for PhD or leave it in between after enrollment due to financial constraints. 

PMRF scheme can not only reduce brain-drain but also bring many students into research domain if it is provided for MSc students who get into IITs for two year course. It is also beyond understanding why two year course has been excluded from eligibility criteria when all other courses conducted by IITs have been included in the PMRF.

I therefore request concerned officials in Ministry of Human Resource Development to take cognizance of this important issue and also include 'two year MSc course' into the eligibility criteria of ' Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme.