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No more stomach problems and health issues from eating restaurant food

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An increasing number of people I speak to, are developing serious stomach issues, vomiting, diarrhea and not getting more than 4 hours of sleep as a result of eating bad food. Having suffered from the same problem until it became chronic and not having recovered from it fully even after 6 years, I have observed what causes these problems and how it can be fixed.

The problem:

  • Food not cooked fully
  • Food with burnt parts or particles
  • Poor quality food
  • Unripe fruits
  • Inexperienced cooks
  • Poor hygiene

Given the number of roadside stalls, some packaged foods, bakeries, office/college canteen caterers, homes and restaurants in India which cater to hungry people, I am aware it is extremely difficult to enforce rules or create awareness which can bring change, but we have to start somewhere.

What can bring change:

  • Awareness/training on proper cooking
  • Automated processes that ensure food is properly cooked
  • Food and hygiene tests augmented with checks on whether food is cooked fully without burnt parts
  • Word of mouth awareness

How can we function well as a nation when our families are unhealthy because of poor quality food? We have endured bad food for decades and are afraid to challenge it for fear of being ridiculed. This has in turn caused many of us long-term health problems that could have easily been avoided. 

It's time to insist on healthy food. Our stomachs are not made of steel. Bad food will only exist for as long as you accept it without question.

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