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India needs hygienic breathalyzers for alcohol test.

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The infection needs to stop.

The other day I was coming back from dinner with a few friends , and since it was a Saturday evening we were stopped , like a million other cars with people who would have gone out for the weekend , by the police here at Old Airport Road , Bangalore , for an alcohol test. 

What started with a simple blow into that breathalyzer to test if we were drunk , ended up having most of us who were the drivers of the vehicles , sick and down with flu. And whose fault was it ???? We were not drunk and driving , we were not cheating on anyone or the police but still we were made to blow into that same breathalyzer that must have been used by trillions others for months, or maybe even years.

It must be carrying in it the most dangerous infections and germs , yet there has been no innovation what so ever to eliminate this testing method and come up with something technologically advanced that is safe and hygienic at the same time.

Even the doctors at clinics keep thermometer used by 100s of patients in some disinfectant after each use. It is such a basic hygiene that is being neglected at a nation wide level.

I totally support alcohol tests on the road as it is matter of life and death for someone and it's always best to respect the law than face it's trials later on by not obeying it but what I don't support is their protocol and device used to test.

I urge the government to please stop this system of spreading dis-ease to the citizens and implement a safer method to test drunken driving.

I fell sick for two days but that's okay my office was kind enough to let me take leaves, but there must be a lot other people with  lesser immunity or some other ailments   who just cannot afford to fall sick and it's so unfair to them.

Request  you people to please join hands with me and sign my petition.

I strongly urge the Ministry of health and welfare & IndianPolice Services to look into this matter.





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