Release UGC JRF; Timely Disbursement of Fellowships; #releaseUGCJRF

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The Hon'ble Finance Minister

Ministry of finance,

Government of India

Subject: Regarding timely disbursement of fellowships to the research scholar/students.

Dear Madam

We, the research scholar of India, studying in different university and institutions across India, would like to draw your kind attention to the following points in connection with the above subject for your consideration:

1) We, thousands of research scholar and students, are disappointed, dissatisfied, frustrated and angry with the huge delay in disbursement of fellowships as it is badly affecting research, education and  above all livelihood. Research Scholars are in depression as they are unable to meet necessary expenditure i.e. current day to day expenses, rent, medical expenses and expenses on research and education.

2) Thousands of research scholar have qualified NET JRFbut not yet received a single rupee from that fellowships. Similarly, lakhs of research scholar have been not received fellowship since about 6 to 12 months due to irregularities in disbursement. Huge delay in disbursement. Suicide news of few research scholar are also coming. Research and livelihood are on stake.

3) Despite of thousands of letters, email and phone call to the concerned authority, not a single positive response have been received so far. Research scholar are asking the government: Where is our fellowships? Why such huge delay in disbursement? Why digital signature from Ministry of Finance is yet pending? Can't you clear that? But not yet received a single positive response. Authority are either replying like a robot or replying not, just ignoring issue. Moreover, authority are replying like, "Do, whatever you can", " Go and protest ". Is this the way government should treat it's citizens/students? Is this the good governance and 'achhe din' you were talking about?

4) We have the following demands:

  1. Immediate clearance of all the pending fellowships of every scholar.
  2. Timely disbursement of fellowships; specify exact date for monthly disbursement of fellowships.
  3. Grievances redressal mechanism for immediate action on issues related to fellowships.

It is, therefore, we appeal before you to take a serious note of our genuine demands and quickly take appropriate steps in favour of the greater interest of higher education and research in the country.

Thanks and Regards

On behalf of

Research Scholars of India

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