Save the Blue Hole in Dahab!

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Save the Blue Hole in Dahab!

The Blue Hole is a highly sensible eco-system and one of the most famous dive-sites in the world. Many of us visit this place frequently to enjoy its beautiful nature. If you are any kind of diver, traveler or one who appreciates and cares for the environment you should be equally frustrated as we are with the present situation there.

We are sending this petition to the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism, as well as to the Governor or South Sinai in hopes for significant changes.

Please sign if you want to protect the Blue Hole!

The specific issues which we would like to address (for Arabic, please use the link ):

1. The deterioration of the environment, the protectorates and the diving sites around Dahab. Specifically the Blue Hole and Wadi Gnai - of course not undervaluing other important sites in Dahab. This deterioration is due to lack of clear regulations especially from the huge amount of snorkelers and quad bikers accessing the Blue Hole and Wadi Gnai respectively. 

2. Failure to implement the Blue Hole area development plan that was suggested to us at the beginning of last year; and which we have discussed together through numerous meetings attended by officials of the Ministry. We have heard repeatedly that the implementation will take place right away, and yet nothing happened and the area is deteriorating rapidly and is becoming more chaotic. The Blue Hole as a dive site holds international fame and we are not respecting its status globally. The site requires urgent development to change the bad state of its facilities; the construction of fixed (non floating) marine scaffolds for visitors and boats, functioning bathrooms, proper signage and parking for vehicles other than the beach and all the needed measures to protect the area efficiently.

3. Lack of interest to organize and protect Wadi Gnai area, an area that after the Blue Hole receives a huge number of visitors daily. 

4. The absence of permanent representatives of the National Parks of Egypt to quickly and efficiently respond to daily violations and complaints in the protectorates areas. 

5. Solutions to face the fishing problem in Dahab haven’t been developed nor implemented. Instead the situation is disorganised and only few cases were sporadically solved.

6. The spread of garbage in various areas of the city, which reaches the beaches and substantially damages and pollutes the marine environment and coral reefs. 

7. Lack of awareness and lack of signage to inform visitors about the protectorates and Dahab’s coast. 

8. The non-compliance of tourism groups (e-marketing groups most of whom are not licensed) coming from outside the governorate to provide trained and qualified guides to accompany visitors and tourists. This increases the destruction and negative impacts on coral reefs and resources along the coast. Especially, when the groups arrive in large numbers throughout the day and in particular, during holidays, public holidays and the middle and end of the year. 

9. Lack of response to the need to organize training courses for guides and issue identification cards from the protectorates for volunteers. Said volunteers will support efforts and organize awareness campaigns for the public on a regular basis. It is a good idea to promote environmental awareness to the massive influx of tourists arriving by road from Cairo especially so that they are educated before they reach Dahab and our protectorates.