Stop Optional Fee & Give free access to students to the school Eportal - DPS-MIS

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Private School Section

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (‘MOE’)

Doha, Qatar

Subject: School imposing Optional fees & blocking access to school e-portal

 Dear Esteemed Sir

 We, the parents of students studying at Delhi Public School- Modern Indian School (‘DPS-MIS’) are writing to you regarding a concern relating to ‘Optional fees’ imposed along with the regular tuition fees. Please find our findings and concerns below for your perusal:

1.    Further to MOE circular early this academic year, the DPS-MIS school administration removed the activity fees. The same was notified to parents through a circular dated 21 February, 2018.

But, as an alternate to the activity fee, they have now imposed a new set of fees called the ‘Optional fees’ varying from QAR 700 to QAR 1,200 depending on the child’s grade. The fee structure approved by the MOE for DPS-MIS does not cover any component of activity fee and or an optional fee.

Currently, the fees structure- 2018-19 reflecting on the school portal carries the optional fees. Term fee payment reminders sent by the school also carries the ‘Optional fee’ but named as ‘Special fee’.

 The above concern was raised with Principal by some parents through an email. It was later notified by the school that this concern has been discussed with the management. In that email, the concerned parents are reminded that they have been paying these fees in the past as ‘Activity fee’. After this, there has been no communication from the administration on the matter.

 2.    As per the optional fee form circulated by DPS-MIS, the choice of making the payment towards the said fees is each parent’s individual discretion but with an underlined fine print that the child studying in the school cannot avail the following facilities in case the parent chooses not to make the payment. The facilities listed are as follows:

a)     Educational content and resource material in the school e-learning portal.

b)    Mobile App to keep updated on school affairs.

c)     Staff on duty to train and accompany students on Overseas Trips like Debates, MUNs etc.

d)    Providing subsidy to children participating in International Sports and academic events representing the school.

e)     Annual Overseas Trip accompanied by the staff sponsored by the school.

f)     Subsidy on bus tracking system on payment to the vendor

3.    The education content and resource material stated in point (a), forms the part of the curriculum and academics. Were, parents have chosen not to make the payment, the e-portal carrying the assignments and syllabus have been blocked leaving no access to the student or the parent. This is depriving the child from one’s basic educational right for which the parents are paying the school/tuition fees. Hence, additional charges should not be applied, and students should be allowed to access the e-portal for assignments and syllabus as before.

 Note: Deadline to pay the 1st term tuition fee is 15 May, 2018, and no deadline is set for payment of Optional fee. This has been specified neither on the undertaking nor on the form. Nonetheless, the school has already started blocking parents and students from accessing the student e-portal even before the 1st term tuition fee deadline (15 May). This method is used to indirectly impose pressure on the parent to make the payment.

 4.    Subsidy on bus tracking system, facility stated in point (f) is for the safety of the child and to monitor the whereabouts of the facility provider i.e. outsourced bus service. This is not a luxury requested separately by the parents for their children hence should not be charged as parents are already paying transportation fee.

 5.    Facilities stated in point in b, c, d, e are not availed by most parents for their children hence it should not be imposed on all. It should be applied when opted for.

 6.    The total amount of the optional fees charged i.e. QAR 700 to QAR 1,200 per child based on grade, is exorbitant and burdening the parents. Please do note that, some parents have more than one child studying in that school.

 7.    Prior to imposing the optional fees, it was not communicated in advance to the parents to provide any consultation, and the facilities in the school availed to the students remains unchanged.

This letter is written by concerned parents who have undersigned. We request Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s earliest intervention in the matter. Kindly note that many have parents and children have already been affected i.e. portals have already been blocked by the school, leaving no access to any educational material. Your interference in this matter is highly appreciated.

We parents of DPS-MIS, are requesting for the withdrawal of the optional fee imposed by the school, and provide free access to the school’s e-portal to access the current year’s educational material.

Thanking you.

 Yours Sincerely,

Parents of DPS-MIS students