Close down Singapore local schools before the coronavirus spreads to the community

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The local schools in Singapore have to be closed down because of the severity in the virus itself and the number of cases worldwide, which is more than 300,000. The death toll currently is more than 15000 and 196 regions and/or countries are affected. 

Several locals in Singapore who HAVE NOT visited China have gotten infected and this is extremely dangerous.

From kindergarten or daycare for toddlers to secondary school, junior college and possibly university, the children and young adults ARE prone to this infectious virus. 

Italy, the UK, France, and etc. are all on a strict lockdown currently to prevent another huge spike in cases of the COVID-19. 

We should follow their example and not take the risk of keeping schools open. 

Although lots of people are wearing masks, not all are and those who aren’t may be the infected ones so we can never be too careful.